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    Restroom Purse Snatching

    As I was reading about a recent event, I thought it important to share with you. Restrooms are...

  • 02


    Invasive and Dangerous - Home Invasions

    Home invasions are invasive and dangerous. Creating the habit of locking all of your doors and...

  • 16


    She Fought Back

    It was Just Another Morning... Every day seems like just another day. We get up and go through our...

  • 23


    Active Shooter: Run. Hide. Fight.

    As we prepare for another school year, personal safety crosses our minds. Choosing to be pro-active...

  • 27


    Out for a Jog...

    The following news article is a classic example of not being aware of your surroundings. Whether we...

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    Known Attackers

    We are continually told to watch our surroundings, keep doors locked, and be ware of strangers....

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